2018 Mong Family Foundation Symposium

The Third Annual Cornell Neurotech

Mong Family Foundation Symposium 2018

Thursday, September 27

Biotechnology Building, Room G10

1:30 pm Opening remarks – Andrew Bass, Cornell University Senior Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
1:40 pm Welcome and Speaker introduction – Chris Xu
1:45 pm Michale Fee – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Music in the Brain: How Neural Circuits in the Songbird Learn to Sing”
2:45 pm Coffee Break
3:05 pm Gail Mandel – Vollum Institute, OHSU
“How Close Are We to Curing Multi-Cellular Neurological Diseases: Lessons from Rett Syndrome”
4:05 pm Kamil Ugurbil –  University of Minnesota
Imaging Function and Connectivity in the Human Brain withHigh Magnetic Fields: Spanning Scales from Cortical Columns to the Whole Brain”
5:05 pm Concluding remarks – Joe Fetcho
5:10 pm Reception (open to all) outside G10


For more information email: neurotech@cornell.edu

2018 Mong Family Foundation Symposium on Thursday, September 27 in G-10 Biotechnology Building from 1:30 PM to 5:00PM.